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Best book for essay writing for IAS exam syllabus
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Best book for essay writing for IAS exam syllabus
Is there anyone to suggest me best book for essay writing for IAS exam syllabus? I'm going to prepare for the IAS exams and hence it's really needed to have some book suggestion to refer before I go to write the original essays and such exam requirements. I know about lots of books written based on the IAS preparation, but I want the one specifically written to help the contestants in writing essays for IAS exam syllabus. Someone please help me with this.
RE: Best book for essay writing for IAS exam syllabus
Your need is to write essays based on your IAS exam syllabus, right? Hence, I have a nice suggestion for you, you should select some topics from the previous years questions and give such topics a try and write essays on the same yourself. It will eventually turn as a good practice that will result in improved writing skills. Also you will get easy access to various subjects that are going to be your essay topic while you attempt for the exams.
RE: Best book for essay writing for IAS exam syllabus
What may be the use of essay writing, whether it's for IAS exam syllabus or any other assignment, there are some important things to follow. One of the key thing is to be bothered about the format and structure of writing essays in general. I would like to introduce some good articles based on the topic before you:

1 - http://www2.mcdaniel.edu/english/writing...format.htm
2 - http://www1.aucegypt.edu/academic/writers/
3 - http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/685/01/

I'm sure this will turn as a useful idea to refer such contents mastered by the experts in the field.

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