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Dissertation in library and information science
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Dissertation in library and information science
I have to prepare a dissertation in library and information science. I think, Library and information science is a merging of the two field’s library science and information science. Library and information science is viewed as a field that started as a multidisciplinary field based on literature, psychology, sociology, management, computer science etc. But I have no idea for how to start my dissertation. I need good content for impress my teacher. So I need your help with gives a good idea.
RE: Dissertation in library and information science
Hi Zac,
In my opinion, The phrase "library and information science" is associated with schools of library and information science, which generally developed from professional training programs to university institutions during the second half of the twentieth century. In the last part of 1960s schools of librarianship began to add the term "information science" to their names. The first school to do this was at the University of Pittsburgh in 1964.More schools followed during the 1970s and 1980s, and by the 1990s almost all library schools in the USA had added information science to their names. The trend was more for the adoption of information technology rather than the concept of a science.
RE: Dissertation in library and information science
The common ground between library science and information science, which is a strong one, is in the sharing of their social role and in their general concern with the problems of effective utilization of graphic records. But there are also very significant differences in several critical respects, among them in: selection of problems addressed and in the way they were defined; theoretical questions asked and frameworks established; the nature and degree of experimentation and empirical development and the resulting practical knowledge/competencies derived; tools and approaches used; and the nature and strength of interdisciplinary relations established and the dependence of the progress and evolution of interdisciplinary approaches.

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