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Help on journalism essays
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Help on journalism essays
I am a first year Journalism student. I have chosen journalism as my main subject since one of my cousin sister told that journalism is having high scope and opportunities in current circumstance and so she is going to seek admission for Journalism course. By following her words, I also joined for journalism course. But unfortunately I don’t have any awareness about the current affairs and I am not at all eager to observe what is going around in the society. So when the matter of assignments, articles, project etc has come as a part of academic process, I am totally worried since I have no idea on this regard. Are journalism essays having as same format as other conventional essays? What makes the journalism essays differ from other writings? What do you think; one who does not have much knowledge about the current affairs can’t write journalism essays? I expect your help on journalism essays. If your opinion is negative, I am planning to discontinue my course and join some other course available.
RE: Help on journalism essays
The one who is not much alert about the current affairs would feel it difficult to compose the journalism essays. I don’t think you need to discontinue your studies but you can improve yourself by keeping an eye on the day to day happenings around you and try to develop your view points about that. To provide help on journalism essays, there is no single way as other kind of essays. But there are certain guidelines to be followed. The subject must be well-researched before the presentation. The essay should contain a lead that snatches the attention of readers. The interesting and informative facts should be incorporated in the content which enlightens the reader about the topic. One important point has to be taken into care that the essay should also support writer’s point of view. At the end you can leave the reader with one final point about the subject.
RE: Help on journalism essays
The journalism can be considered as the vehicle of mass communication and which assists the social intercourse between people. Hence the journalism essays have the power to direct the public interests. I don’t know how can provide you the help on journalism essays, but I know some news structure which can be followed while composing journalism essays. It should consist of a headline, a lead and other hierarchy of details. The news story need not be in chronological order and it would be effective as narrative format. The first step of journalism essay is to identify the specific and complex problem which acts as the research question. As a second step, propose a debatable answer (thesis) for the research question. Then analyze the supporting and against evidence about thesis. Finally offers a final opinion as a conclusion which emphasize on the further debates on the subject.

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