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How can I write sociology essay who am I?
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How can I write sociology essay who am I?
I have to write an essay entitled "who am I?" Should I describe more about myself? Believe it or not, I found it is very difficult to talk about myself. I think that the only way to accurately describe myself is to give a little background information. How would I start sociology essay who am I and keep going? I need something creative and descriptive. What all are the points I should include. Thank you to those that actually answered my question.
RE: How can I write sociology essay who am I?
You could go into detail about the different answers that people give (ie. Who I am does not describe who my parents or grandparents are it is not where i was born; it does not define me at all. Who I am is where I will be going and what I do with my life.) you could say something like that and then write about some MAJOR events that occurred throughout your life and how you have benefited from those. (like if your father died you could say that it has taught you ......whatever you think you learned) idk something like that. That is what I would start my paper.
I hope this helped sociology essay who am I Smile
RE: How can I write sociology essay who am I?
Write about yourself. The first paragraph should be at least 3-5 sentences, use them to describe what you look like or your family.

The second paragraph should also have at least 3-5 sentences also, and you can use them to describe your interests or future goals. You could use a famous quote. You could also tell an interesting fact or funny fact about yourself. Recalling some past challenges or experiences that have made you aware of what you wish to do in your life and how you would accomplish a particular goal that you have set for yourself. All the best for your sociology essay who am I!!!
Big Grin
RE: How can I write sociology essay who am I?
Self -identification and self expression may take many forms. Use the richness of your life to give us insight--Who are you? Break it down into different components.
Who are you:
How do you interact with people:
In groups?
At school?
One on one?
In intimate relationships?
Meeting new people?
In formal situations?
Authority figures?
Also, big question. Does the question "who are you" depend more on you who are on the inside, or by your actions?
Good luck on sociology essay who am I !!!

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