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How to write Classification essay ?
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How to write Classification essay ?
My English teacher is trying to develop our skill in all type of essays. So far we practiced much kind of essays such as argumentative essay, descriptive essays, narrative essays, expository essays etc. Now the next types we are suppose to do is classification essay. He already assigned the essay but I was absent for the class and my teacher is on leave for a week. We have to submit when he return to class. I asked to my friends regarding this essay but they could not give a good explanation on this. I searched in the web but didn’t get simple information. So I would like to get information on classification essay. What are the things I have to taken into care when doing this paper? Please help.
RE: How to write Classification essay ?
A classification essay assembles and arranges a topic or subject into categories. The main purpose of a classification essay is to break down the things so they can be observed individually. Some of the classification essays divide the subject matter into many categories by which can be easily understand and make clear idea on that. The essay should be focused on some theory. Adapting theory would determine how your categories have to be arranged. The same principle should be consistent throughout the entire essay. It should be better if you could include example for each category with good evidence. Keep in mind that every category should have balanced examples.
RE: How to write Classification essay ?
The order of the category has good importance. It is important to determine the order that you want exhibit the categories. Some people used to put the most significant category right top of the paper on the other hand some people may opt to work with it. There is no written rule for this. You can do either way. It depends upon the essay you write. Whatever method you decide the categories should be clear and précised. Picking the categories to include is a vital step in your classification essay. Yyou want to have a clear picture of what they are.
RE: How to write Classification essay ?
There is no special in classification essay. You said that you did descriptive essay, narrative essay and argumentative essay then classification is too simple for you to understand. Simply classification essay means sorting things into category. It can be done by three steps that is first sort things into useful category then make sure about all the category follow a single organizing principle. Then give suitable example for each category. I hope now you can try to write a paper.
RE: How to write Classification essay ?
An important step in writing the classification essay is finding the categories. For classifying and sorting the things in a logical way find the categories .After finishing this step ensure that they fit into the similar organizing principle and support each category equally with examples. Then you have to prepare a thesis statement which includes the topic and how it is classified. While writing a classification essay writer should organize and sort the things into categories and the main three steps to follow is: organize points into useful categories, use a single organizing principle and give examples for each category.

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