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Library essay writing Ideas
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Library essay writing Ideas
I need to write a essay about library, the whole essay is about one important quest that is library is a good place for studying? I need to write about this statement. I need to support one answer either yes no and I need to write the supporting points .Actually I don’t know which point I need to support and which point will get great and more ideas to write.
My teacher instructs me that I can use my own reasons and specific examples to support my ideas. I’m thinking about to write to support this statement, in my point of view library is a fine place for students. Students gets an extra time after the class and they are spending their time in libraries due to them will get good atmosphere and studying materials for their studying.

The main advantage of library is student can use internet for their online research and online materials to support studying outside a classroom without paying money this is another reason I support that statement.
What are your thought about this….?
RE: Library essay writing Ideas
I too support this statement, library is a good place online learning sources. Student just needs enter their password of the student card and they can access the internet without any charge. The students will get very high speeds than any other cafes and homes; they can easily download any learning material. And also those students will get any books according to their needs very easily. I know some incidents while studying in home they will have the name of the book but for referring they are come into library for searching they forgot the name of the book. This not happened while we study on the library. Not only the books have we will intellectual friends for asking our doubts. You can also add some more advantages while studying on a library.
RE: Library essay writing Ideas
Yes above post are mentioning various advantages and helping things while studying in library. Bu I must say that other than the entire studying atmosphere is important. For example, while doing gym in home surely get boring, but in gym we will get inspired while we look around. Like this Students feel comfortable while reading a book in a library and always stay motivated in studying. In library students will get various books on several subjects. The students do not have to pay money to find a textbook in a library to read and practice exercises inside the textbook. I must say that you can include some disadvantages like some library may extremely noise and students won’t get good atmosphere for learning.

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