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Library essay writing help.
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Library essay writing help.
I’m a 8th grade student and my tutor asked me to write an essay about the library. LIBRARY ESSAYS!!! Huh What should I write about it? I couldn’t come with any ideas. I was concerned. I asked my Mum, and told me that write something related to my school library. Hmm, even if I choose it, I could write only few words of around 500. What so ever, I decided to write on the same. Nothing much I know to write about my school library.
Now my problem is that I have to write a best Introduction for my essay. All say that title and introduction grabs readers mind. So I have written the introduction. Look at it:

There is no school without a library these days. It must have books on a variety of subjects, newspapers, journals and magazines. Students, those particularly want to add to their knowledge, go to the library in their free periods and study. This will add knowledge to them.

My school also has a big library. It is housed in a big hall. There are a lot of almirahs in it. Each almirah has books on one subject only. They are providing a card for every book. Books are prearranged according to their numbers. Every student pertain for a card and gets it. The librarian issues books against the card. No student can keep a book for more than fourteen days. Non payer are fined.

Is the above given Introduction, fine to write? Any Ideas, Please Help!
RE: Library essay writing help.
Yes its perfectly fine. The essay must be introduced by an original summary of exactly 100 words, planned to give a sample of the work. If need you can also add this: Libraries are very important for the growth and development of a person. They are warehouse of knowledge. Libraries help to develop reading habits.. Libraries contain various books on various subjects. Those books may range from history, fiction, science, social science, literature, fashion, novel, health and beauty etc.. Newspapers, journals , magazines can also be attained here.

In libraries books are arranged according to subject wise in shelf. A certain number and title with register are present in each book. This helps students to find a book easily. There is also arrangement of seats in the library. Some people study in library and most of them like the books to read at home. Books can be issued for such people for a certain period of time. Fine is charged when books are not returned on time.
RE: Library essay writing help.
Nona, topic you got to write the essay is pretty easy. I think you can do it well for you essay. And the introduction you written is fine. Smile But I suggest you that you need to add some info’s provided by Anthony. If you add it, then your introduction will look absolutely fine. We all know that a library is a heaven for a student, a teacher and of course for all those who are fond of reading even it be only just for the sake of reading. Most of the people are so fond of reading even when they do not have to enter any examination or competition that, they continue to read, and it is these people who also become and remain members of a library.

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