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Need writing help on how to write a good philosophy essay.
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Need writing help on how to write a good philosophy essay.
I am very much interested in philosophy and its my open course in college. Now we all are advised to write an essay on philosophy and we have the chance to choose good topic also. I am a computer science graduate student and I didn't get a chance to write an essay and I am very week in writing essays. I need some tips and tricks on how to write a best essay and I also want to know which the topics can I take on writing essay are. Can anyone having ideas about this, please share with me.
RE: Need writing help on how to write a good philosophy essay.
Hi Kathleen, Philosophy is my also favorite topic and very happy to answer to your question. To write a good philosophy paper, you need to be concise but at the same time explain yourself fully. When writing, don't think of the professor as the audience. Use your peers as your standard of understanding. Ask yourself if your roommate, or partner, or brother or sister -- all of whom are not members of the class -- could understand the paper. Have you provided enough information that they, without reading the required text, can follow the argument, can understand your explanations, and can evaluate your position?
RE: Need writing help on how to write a good philosophy essay.
Hi Kathleen, I would like to share some topics related philosophy and make use of it. 19th Century Philosophy, 20th Century Philosophy, Aesthetics, American Philosophy, Analytic Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy, Asian Philosophy, Atheism, British Philosophy, Chinese Philosophy, Christian Philosophy, Islamic Philosophy, Japanese Philosophy etc. When writing Any word that has special meaning for a text must be explained, and a reference must be given as to where in the text you found the definition. Sometimes it is easiest and most clear to quote the exact definition from the text.

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