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Question regarding Proof Reading
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Question regarding Proof Reading
I have to write an essay on a topic under political science. I have chosen a topic and also I have collected information about the topic. Here my problem is grammatical error which I always do in essays. I had read somewhere that proofreading is one method to find out the grammatical errors and mistakes in an essay. Can someone tell me how effective is proofreading? Is it necessary to do proofreading in an essay writing?
RE: Question regarding Proof Reading
Yes, Proofreading is necessary in essay writing. Proofreading is examining the text carefully to check the grammatical errors and mistakes, spelling and typing errors. After you have written the essay, revise the essay carefully to check for the errors and mistakes. At this step we use proofreading techniques. Make sure you have revised a large content of your text. Keeping distances in the text helps you find out the mistakes easily. Proofreading is better doing from the printout than in the computer screen.
RE: Question regarding Proof Reading
If you have the problem in grammatical errors, it is necessary to do proofreading because proofreading will help you find out the mistakes in your essay. First complete the essay before proofreading. Now read your essay carefully to check for the mistakes. Before you proofread, eliminate the unnecessary words before looking for the mistakes. Make a note of mistakes which had told by your professors in your past essay. While proofreading, read out your essay loud so that you may know the mistakes easily which has been not seen while reading silently. Use the search function of the computer to find out the mistakes you mostly do. Finally check for spelling mistakes with spelling checker in a computer.

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