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Thesis statement to please my lecturer
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Thesis statement to please my lecturer
I am a final year student. Our lecturer gave us homework to do. We are asked to write an essay. This is a psychology paper. I am preferably likes to write something about life, but nothing comes in mind. I don’t know how to write a thesis statement that will sounds good. I am very confused. I need to submit my paper within this week. I am asking this because I have written a paper so far, but I have not got better than a C. My tutor told that it is not sound good. My thesis statement was very poor. This is horrible, because I worked really hard on them. So I want to know what a great thesis statement consist of. How to write a thesis statement to please my lecturer and how do I correctly write one? Please include an example of a thesis statement. Help me..
RE: Thesis statement to please my lecturer
A thesis statement is a focused selection of text that can be anywhere from just one sentence to a paragraph in size. It should clearly define the argument that will be taken in the paper you are going to write down. It should be prepared in advance of start writing your paper. It will give your paper a good structure. To be effective in thesis statement to please your lecturer, it should be the summary of your papers over all focus. Just put in words what you think. If you cannot do that, think about what you think. A thesis statement has three main parts, a subject, precise opinion and a blueprint of reason. Remember not to go off subject. For a short paper, the thesis statement is often the first sentence.
RE: Thesis statement to please my lecturer
Thesis statement is the central argument of your paper. If you are writing an argumentative paper, it should make a claim about a topic and give reason for this claim with specific evidence. The claim may be your opinion, a proposal of policy, an evaluation, or an interpretation. A strong thesis statement may reveal both the name of the topic and your opinion about the topic. It should be clear and precise. In addition it lists the supporting ideas. It suggests an essays direction, scope and emphasis. Most lectures like some artful thread in the thesis statement. So it should have a hook in it. The hook may be present an example, description or an anecdote that links to the thesis statement.
RE: Thesis statement to please my lecturer
The thesis statement is divided into three parts the opinion,blue print of reason, and subject.It will give you paper and good structure.If you are writing a argumentative paper.You should refer more details about the argumentative.To effective to thesis statement to please your lecturer.It should be the summary of the papers over all focus.

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