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What is the importance of chemistry?
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What is the importance of chemistry?
I am a tenth standard student and I got my final assignment to write a chemistry essay and the topic is importance of chemistry in daily life which is assigned by my teacher that I have to submit within a week. I have searched for the contents from my school library, but I am not satisfied with the contents that I have collected. So here I am expecting some points on that topic that may help me for my essay preparation. So help me by explaining the importance of chemistry in our daily life with some examples.
RE: What is the importance of chemistry?
Chemistry is regarded as central science since it is vital in the science of biology and physics. The entire living organism is a complex chemistry factory and by understanding their chemical behavior chemists find new path to treat diseases. Chemists are even made possible to produce crops of food plants. They have made a lot of inventions by using their knowledge in chemistry. Chemists are the magician who can turn waste products into useful things. Thus from coal one gets coal-gas and its bye-product like saccharine, coal-dyes and many other substances. Waste products like saw dust can be made to yield acids and oil. Achievements of modern chemistry are growing by such inventions.
RE: What is the importance of chemistry?
We are surrounded by many synthetic products and the need for various natural products are increased .But they are not easily available and has lead to the fast growth in the world of chemistry. Natural products are created by chemical process such as artificial silk and artificial rubber. Use of chemistry is also important in science of medicine. Thus the development of organic chemistry has reorganized the modern medicine basis. The use of chemistry in the agriculture field is also very important. Chemical fertilizers are effectively supportive primitive which causes for the enrichment of the soil. Contribution of chemistry in military science has also vital role.

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