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dissertation methodology for a library based research
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dissertation methodology for a library based research
It was a research for the topic which is library based. The topic was the reading habit in youth. To complete this research I have visited libraries in our society for understanding the number of people who are reading books. But I am not satisfied with the process because there may be people who are reading books in internet. Also I have visited libraries for two days. From this I can’t collect the details accurately. The next work is dissertation writing and there is a part called dissertation methodology where I have to detailed the process of the research. Is there is any other methods which I can used for collecting the details?
RE: dissertation methodology for a library based research
Libraries are the book house where we can see the people who like the reading. To complete the research library visit was a necessity. I also have an opinion that we can’t count the book readers or we can’t get an idea of readers since this is the time of technology. There will be so many eBook readers. You can get an approximate idea if you can conduct surveys and interviews. You can go to the houses and can take the count of youngsters who have the reading habit. Also you can interview some to understand their opinion about reading books.
RE: dissertation methodology for a library based research
Reading habit is now found only in few people especially the book reading in libraries. Now the number of libraries are decreasing. The libraries are replacing by some building. So, you can’t understand the reading habit of youth by only visiting the libraries. By the interview with young people you can get an average idea of their opinion about reading. Since there is a part called dissertation methodology, where you have to mention the process and the methods you have used for the research you must be aware of the methods. By reading methodology your teacher must understand your hard work. Also it is your duty to complete the work you are asked to do.

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